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How to Apply

March 15, 2019

Please read thoroughly before getting started and it is best to print this page as it provides an outline for submitting for this call.

We are accepting applications through the EntryThingy application system. EntryThingy is web based submission management system that streamlines and eases out the collection, tracking and management of electronic submissions. Applications will not be accepted by any other delivery method.

If this is the first time you are using EntryThingy please allow up to 24 hours for setting up your free account and familiarizing yourself with the system, please do not wait until the last minute to submit your work.

Once you have registered at EntryThingy.com you can work on an application in multiple sessions, saving as you go, until it is completed and ready to submit.

You can apply at any time up until the deadline. Please make sure to plan ahead so you don’t miss our deadline.

Applications that are incomplete, or not received by the deadline, will be excluded from consideration. We recommended applying well in advance in order to avoid technical problems.