Artist Requirements - Gallery Artist

1. Monthly Contribution - $300

All members of the Mona Niko Gallery equally contribute to cover the operating expenses of the gallery. The monthly amount covers our shared gallery rent, utilities, supplies, advertising, website, etc. Upon acceptance into the gallery we ask for first and last month's rent.

2. Gallery Sitting - 2-3 times/monthly

All members participate in the running of the gallery by gallery sitting 2-3 times per month. This provides an excellent opportunity to talk with potential buyers and help promote the artwork at the gallery. Gallery sitters are available upon request for $50 per session. We plan the schedule months in advance and work with each other if scheduling conflicts arise.

3. Shared Responsibilities

We want all of our members to be actively contributing to the running of the gallery in an area that they are strong in, i.e. picking up supplies, social media marketing, checking emails, events. We work together to ensure that Mona Niko Gallery runs it's best and are looking for artists that will contribute to Gallery success.

4. One Year Commitment

To keep our team strong, provide consistency in the gallery, and allow for our marketing efforts for an individual artists to produce results, we require a one year commitment from our new artists.

Ready to Apply?

Simply send us an email at [email protected] with several images of your work, a short bio, and any information you think is relevant. We're looking forward to meeting you!!