Artist Mona Niko Owner of The Gallery 

Most of her artwork is figurative and about the understanding of humanity and the intricacies of emotion associated with the human experience. Mona Niko has been prolific in creating and showcasing her art. She has organized 6 solo art exhibitions and has participated in 20 Group Exhibitions in the Middle East and in the the U.S. She has hosted exhibits in the Art Museum of Santa Ana, the Art Expo of New York and the Art Fair of Laguna Beach, just to name a few.

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Current Artists Exhibit with us

Aug -Sep 2019


Idette Mubibya 

Ida is an Artist,full of talents and multicultural inspirations.African born and raised,she has a precise yet bold style that is able to communicate her heritages.

Her motivation behind the MALKIA brand is to create a sophisticated decor with contemporary modern theme.With her love for art,she is able to create unique pieces.

Committed to African values,it is natural that she turns her focus toward her rightful heritages and creates MALKIA.

Ida Rold defines her art as the language of her soul.

Tooba Heydari

creative and designer

She Creates one of kind necklaces made of semi-precious stones,Freshwater pearls and crystals ,with clasps in silver and assorted metals.

Like :Agate stabilizes the aura , eliminating & transforming negative energies. Agate helps release emotional worry & stress while helping you remain balanced & grounded .

These exclusive designs will surely become a conversation starter wherever you go.

the collection combines elegance sophistication and style for all woman. They are 100% Handmade ,We are proudly made in USA.

Gandom Mizban

Art Awards

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