Artist Mona Niko Owner of The Gallery 

Most of her artwork is figurative and about the understanding of humanity and the intricacies of emotion associated with the human experience. Mona Niko has been prolific in creating and showcasing her art. She has organized 6 solo art exhibitions and has participated in 20 Group Exhibitions in the Middle East and in the the U.S. She has hosted exhibits in the Art Museum of Santa Ana, the Art Expo of New York and the Art Fair of Laguna Beach, just to name a few.

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 Matt McMullen - What I am seeking is looking for me too - 18 Inches x 24 Inches - Oil on Canvas - $800 

In my paintings, I deal with the here and now. Even though life is hectically spiraling onward, I try to capture the moments when you can rest in the present. With the use of figure and landscape I explore what it’s like to drift away from our current reality and get lost in our deeper selves, as the mindless quality of total involvement that comes only when the ego is quiet and there is no attachment.

This is the time when I feel most like my true self, as true happiness and true creativity flow through my body. In these paintings, I depict this flow with the landscape elements that circle around and through my figures. I display how the body is overtaken, as if you are physically fading away and becoming a part of the landscape that surrounds us.

Creating dream like scenes that question reality, I bring the viewer into this special moment in the here and now, inside myself, with hope of transporting them to this magical place. 

Mykel Hibbard




My work as a visual artist is very much a personal journey, allowing me to visually manifest archetypal imagery, born in the unconscious and accessed through a meditation technique called “Active Imagination.” (Jungian psychology places a heavy emphasis on dream interpretation wherein the contents of one’s unconscious are translated into images, narrative or personified as separate entities.)

Although trained as a traditional photographer, I found that various editing processes allowed me to manipulate images in a more conceptual, painterly direction. As part of my creative evolution, I now find myself experimenting with more mixed media techniques. In my opinion, while the ways and means may vary, in the end, it is all storytelling.

Endlessly influenced by The Great Masters as well as Victorian literature and art. The writing of Tennyson, Yeats and Wilde along with the Romantic Poets, Shelley, Keats, and Blake, provide a wellspring of inspiration and awe. Dante Gabriel Rossetti, John William Waterhouse and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood helped shape my artistic vision. Photographic voices include avant-garde photographer Man Ray, the great innovator Edward Weston and the diverse Paul Strand. Most recently and profoundly influenced by the writings of Carl Gustav Jung and Joseph Campbell. 

   Audrey Hernandez Peterson - The Way That Love Is - Ballpoint pen, collage, watercolor - 14 Inches x 11 Inches - $500 

Audrey Hernandez Peterson

(Irvine, CA)

I believe that the most important work is created from experiences in a communal environment and the connections made within, both the beautifully positive ones and the less idealized ones that can manifest themselves. With dear appreciation portraiture, I aim to give validity to these nuanced connections through fragmentation, collage, and meditative rendering.

These more fragmented and detached views of portraiture are a product of a more pragmatic view on human relationships rather than ones of immediate recognition and connection with the viewer. To the artists, these figures shown are immensely personal and significant, but the viewer loses this connection. Instead, the viewer is prompted to consider and digest the image in a more quizzical way as they process the lapse in information.

Through this frame of mind, I retain a connection to the portraiture, to the person, but create a theme of detachment as opposed to completely capturing them via photography or film; the concealment becomes more representative than their features.

Nooshi Sepehri _ blondie_ acrylic _10x8_ 500$  

Shawanda Schiefer

(Las Vegas, Nevada)

20 Inches x 16 Inches

Digital Painting


I am an artist that developed my style and expression from non-traditional mediums. I currently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada and use four (4) primary techniques in my digital artwork: painting, airbrushing, vector base Illustration, and photo-manipulation.

I am drawn to nostalgia, femininity, movement, and vibrations and I incorporate those elements into my artwork. My goal is to create art that is striking and beautiful and leaves the audience to question the world in which we live with an homage to Illustration, Pop Art, Street Art and a touch of Abstract Art. 

Amirmohsen Salmanizadeh Mansour




Shirin Moosavi  

Sophia the goddess of wisdom

Oil on Board


 Elham Nazari

(Anaheim, CA)

Under Cypress Shadow

Oil on Canvas


Ellie Nazari was born and grew up in Iran and started painting at mid thirties. She migrate to the U.S. CA at 2007 and moved to Danbury CT at 2013 where she received her MFA from WCSU and has shown her works in several galleries of NYC and CT.

Growing up in Iran, she has always felt the unbearable heaviness of being a woman in a traditional male dominated society and this feeling became a theme for series of paintings. This portrait is more minimal in detail in order to exaggerate the emotional impact of form and color which are reflections of her interior self.

As one can see even though the female portrait is under the cypress three, which can be a metaphor for male character, but she is the main subject with stronger forms and more colorful pallet. 

Hilary Saner

It's Never Really

Oil on Canvas


Yasaman Mostajeran

Red Roses



Sakinno Wu

Nothing Gold Can Stay



Sakinno is a Chinese artist and educator living in San Francisco, California, and has lived and worked in the United States for 8 years. creating abstract oil paintings and collages. Based on the ability of artists to capture sensitively, Sakinno uses portraits as the axis her art body. She works with fragmented colors and shapes and links between places, cultures and personal growth experiences. Her concepts are closely related to human beings' exploration of their identity, including herself, the people around her, and every aspect of confrontation between the person in front of the painting and the person inside it. She is interested in using art as a medium to show the connections between humans. Her art aims to examine the ways in which the human body functions as vessels for memory and embodies a communication outside of language with her unique yet similar experiences. Committed to expressing that each of us has spared no effort to find an identity and surface how that identity is an inexhaustible well.

Sakinno is currently doing her MFA at The Academy of Art. She create visual artist and had her Solo show in The Cannery, San Francisco. Her personal biography and Solo Show case “Illusive Mirror” were published on the Chinese Newspaper SingTao. The artist’s work has been exhibited in galleries and invitational shows at venues such as Cannery Gallery, Art Attack Gallery, ARC Gallery, SOMArts Cultural Center, Mission Cultural Center, etc. Her recent work won the first prize of The Spring Show of Academy of Art University 2019. 

Art Awards

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